Our story

Healthy living should be simple and choosing the right things to eat should not be difficult. It’s our mission to make healthy living effortless, simple and tasty. We strive to share and educate the simplicity of a healthy - naturally nutritionally dense - life with the local community on Curaçao.

We believe Mother Nature offers us everything we need in life and we are firm believers in 'food as medicine'. All that is needed to live a healthy lifestyle is already within our reach. This means our shop is 100% vegan. We hope to motivate and inspire others to join our movement towards a healthy life!

How it all started

In 2019 we ordered the first batch of nuts just for ourselves and some friends, because they are a big part of our (vegan) diet. We found that nuts were not accessible on the island, too high in price or the freshness was not what we expected. More friends and colleagues noticed we had fresh nuts and they wanted them too, so we decided to start selling them low-key. Seeing how enthusiastic and grateful people were, the excitement began.

We roasted the nuts in our kitchen, in our small oven at home, sometimes all night long. The hard work paid off because we received a lot of positive feedback from our customers who loved the freshness and the crunch of our nuts.

Because of all the responses we got from our customers we felt that healthy and nutrient dense foods could be made more accessible on the island. We believe this can help people to live a simpler healthier life. So we decided to expand our assortment little by little, with dried fruits, nut butters, vegan cheeses and more. After a year we bought a LARGE oven and started an online shop. We’re still growing and expanding, aiming to reach everyone on Curaçao with our passion for powerfoods.

100% plant based online shop

We wanted to create a place where people can feel safe shopping for their needs without ever worrying about compromising their values. Besides selecting high quality foods with nothing added, this means we also make sure to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible.

We are well known for our freshly oven-roasted nuts that have a crunch you can't resist. Besides nuts we sell a wide variety of dried fruits, seeds and other powerfoods. We put a lot of love and care in our products which are artisanally made. For example our vegan cheeses, spreads, stuffed dates or bliss balls.

Besides snacking there are lots of other ways to incorporate powerfoods in your daily diet. Read all about it on our recipes page! It’s not just about making health a priority, but making it easy. We put purity and simplicity in everything we create. We select ingredients that are as healthy as they are delicious and invite our customers to taste the difference!


100% plant based online shop

Our strong set of values guide us through everything we do. While we work hard with an entrepreneurial mindset, they are our compass. 

Our store is open!

We are happy and grateful for opening our physical store at SBN van Staverenweg 2 in Mahaai! Now we are, even more that before, able to connect with our customers and share all the healthy & delicious products we have to offer. We're happy to welcome you in our store and look forward to seeing you.