Peanut Butter Recipe

Homemade peanut butter! That sounds delicious right? We’ve made this home made peanut butter and it’s very easy! Below you can find the simple version of this recipe but you can add ingredients for extra flavor. For example: dark chocolate, sea salt, maple syrup, vanilla, or cinnamon.


  • 500 grams of roasted peanuts
  • Pinch of salt


Add the peanuts to your blender/food processor and blend for 4/5 minutes depending on how smooth you want the peanut butter. At first the peanuts will be chopped, then clump together into a ball, and finally break apart into smooth nut butter.

If you want more texture you can set aside some crunched peanuts that blended for a few seconds and add them when almost done.

After 3 minutes of blending you can add the maple syrup and/or salt (optional).

Posted on March 18, 2021

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