Vegan Baklava Recipe

Delicious, rich and sweet baklava is a traditional Turkish dessert. It's made of layers of filo dough with cinnamon-scented pistachios and walnuts in the middle. This recipe is a 'healthier' version of baklava since no sugar or butter is used and it is vegan.

For this recipe it's not needed to measure the exact amounts. It's perfectly fine to eyeball. We gave an indication for the proportion of nuts to use, however you can use more or less walnuts/pistachios to your taste, or use other nuts.

We would recommend using filo pastry, however we couldn't find it the last time we made it so we used puff pastry (bladerdeeg) and it still turned out great! With filo dough it would be easier to create more layers between the filling, yet this is not required.


- Filo pastry or puff pastry (1 package)

- Pistachio nuts 250 grams (no shell, raw)

- Walnuts 250 grams

- Coconut oil

- Ceylon cinnamon

- Maple syrup, agave syrup or date syrup


How to make the filling:
1. Chop the pistachios and walnuts or use a food processor (leave some pistachios aside to garnish). It should be a rough chop.

2. Combine the chopped nuts with the syrup of your choice and 1 or 2 teaspoons of Ceylon cinnamon. We recommend using 2-3 table spoons of syrup, however this can be changed if you like it more or less sweet.

Making the baklava:
1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius / 375 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Put a sheet of baking paper on top of the baking sheet and spread a thin layer of coconut oil on top

3a. When you're using filo pastry: spread a first layer of pastry on the baking sheet and put a thin layer of coconut oil on top. Use as many layers as desired but not more than half of what you have.

3b. When using puff pastry: spread one layer of pastry on the baking sheet and put a thin layer of coconut oil on top.

4. Divide the filling evenly over the pastry

5. Repeat step 3, by now putting pastry on top of the filling.

6. Pre-slice the baklava in your desired shape.

7. Optional: make a small (diagonal) cutting on top of every baklava. Later we can add the toppings.

8. Put the baklava in the oven for 30-40 minutes

9. Garnish with pistachio and enjoy!

Posted on June 24, 2022

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