All about Sea Moss

What is sea moss?
It is a type of weed that grows in the ocean. Sea moss grows in a number of colors, such as various shades of green, yellow, purple, red, brown, and black. Most common varieties that grow in the warmer waters and often called Irish moss.

The sea moss is dried and to make a gel the sea moss will be soaked in water and blended into a gel. At Nut House we sell sea moss from Heart shaped Organics.

Health benefits

Contains a lot of different types minerals we need everyday.
- Contains collagen, which helps the skin to keep elasticity. You can use the pure versions as a mask.
- It can help for speedy recovery from surgery for example
- Strengthens connective tissues and joints
- Natural anti inflammatory

The different types of sea moss at Nut House

Click on the links below to read all about the different health benefits per sea moss

Sea moss plain gel (gel, pure)

Purple sea moss (gel, pure)

Sea moss cinnamon (gel)

Sea moss hibiscus (liquid gel)

Sea moss ginger & turmeric (liquid gel)


How do I store sea moss gel?
Store Sea Moss in the back of your refrigerator. It will last there for 3,5 weeks to a month.

You can also pour your sea moss gel into an ice cube tray. Then, you can freeze it and store those in a freezer container for 4 to 6 months. If you make a smoothie in the morning, having sea moss ice cubes is perfect! You can simply toss them into your blender with your other ingredients, and youโ€™re all set! Itโ€™s an easy way to include sea moss gel in your daily diet!

How much sea moss can you use daily?
Itโ€™s recommended you use one or two tablespoons a day of the gels. Or one or two shots of the liquid gels (hibiscus or ginger & turmeric).

How do I use the sea moss?
Sea Moss can be used in smoothies, teas, juices, soups, desserts, salads, stews etc. You can use it as a thickening agent when cooking. It's often used by vegans as a replacement for gelatine. The Pure & Purple Sea Moss gel can also be used as face or hair mask.

Are all of your the sea mosses organic?
We strive to sell organic products whenever possible. If a product is not organic, it is wild harvested.

What does sea moss gel saste like?
The pure sea moss gels tastes almost like nothing. Itโ€™s true that the taste is VERY mild, which helps it blend in so seamlessly with food, but there is a very, very faint sea-like taste. Itโ€™s not a โ€œfishy sea,โ€ but kinda like minerals and ocean air.

Posted on May 18, 2022
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