Our story with Nut Roasting

How it all began

Since we're passionate about a plant-based diet and are total health enthusiasts, it's no surprise that nuts play a huge role in our lifestyle. Strolling through supermarket aisles, we were often left wanting. The nuts? Either poorly packaged, rancid, or tough in texture. Quality was a miss, sometimes even accompanied by unwelcome insects, or worse, not available at all. It was disappointing, feeling almost like a penalty for striving towards a better lifestyle. Considering our struggles, we couldn't help but think about how frustrating and demotivating this must be for those just starting on their vegan journey or pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

We were desperate for a place that had high quality, fresh, plant-based products, which were unprocessed and healthy. Simultaneously, we held a firm belief that healthier options should be more accessible to the people we cherished in our community.

So, we decided enough was enough. We imported a small batch of nuts just for us, our friends, and colleagues, never imagining this small step would evolve into a full-time venture, aiding many in leading a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Starting with nut roasting

Roasting nuts transforms them into that irresistible crunchy snacks. It took us a lot of experimenting and researching before we cracked the code on the perfect nut-roasting method, especially when it came to scaling up.

In the process we had some eye-opening and aha-moments:

​❌ "Roasted nuts" actually means "deep-fried nuts". This method strips away the nuts' precious nutrients and swaps their healthy fats for unhealthy, heated oils packed with ​excessive Omega-6 – far from what we wanted.

​❌ Regular table salt is used. This common practice lacks nutrient value, is high in sodium, and can lead to increased blood pressure – another no-go for us.

Driven by the principle of only offering products we'd happily consume ourselves, we set clear standards:

​✅ No excessive heating to maintain the nuts' nutrients

​✅ Only oven-roasting

​✅ Dry roasting, so no oils should be used

​ ​✅ If salt is used, let it be salt high in minerals, like ​Himalayan salt

Today's practice

We are happy and proud that we can state that we can match all of the above requirements due to our artisanal oven-roasting techniques. For instance, we discovered the secret to achieving that perfect crunch isn't just in the heating—it's in the rapid and complete cooling before storage.

We're passionate about sharing our journey in detail. Holding back knowledge that could enable healthier living for others just isn't our style. We believe in the power of sharing, not secrecy, as a path to a healthier life for everyone.

Shop your healthy oven-roasted nuts

It's now easier than ever to get your oven-roasted nuts. Simply visit our store in Mahaai (SBN v Staverenweg 2) or order through our online shop. We have 2 pick-up locations for online orders: Mahaai and Coral Estate at Bread and more. It's also possible to get your order delivered.

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