Organic Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds

Chia seeds are easy to incorporate in your diet and super-packed with nutrients, antioxidants and fiber. That's why we love them so much! They are great in smoothies, as a pudding, in baking recipes and more.

How to use Chia seeds?

Our recommendation is to always soak the chia seeds before eating, blend them or combine them in recipes with liquids. The chia seeds absorb liquids, therefore consuming dry chia seeds will result in the chia seeds pulling water from your body while digesting and this can cause irritation. In contrary, when the seeds are soaked they will be very hydrating for the body.

💡 TIP: Did you know it's even possible to sprout them? This will activate the benefits even more.

💡 TIP: It's also possible to grind the chia seeds into chia flour. You can use this with other liquid ingredients, for example with shakes & smoothies or when you want to achieve a thicker texture in recipes.

Recipe inspiration:

We love to make chia pudding for breakfast or as a snack. Check out the recipe’s below:

Health benefits

  • 30 grams of chia seeds contains the same amount of IRON as 200g of beef
  • Very high in CALCIUM (5x more calcium than milk)
  • Chia seeds are a good source of protein (17g/100g)
  • Cooling and hydrating for the body
  • Can have a soothing effect on inflammations
  • Contains two times more potassium than banaan’s
  • Can help with bowel movements
  • Contains healthy ALA Omega-3 fatty acids to support heart health
  • Alkaline and prebiotic food source
  • Provides high amounts of antioxidants and strengthens the immune system